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The first football teams played in a kit that was no different from that of cricket, and generally considered to be a shirt, flannel pants, sturdy boots and a cap. In the beginning, clubs used a variety of different models. For example, in 1884, Bolton Wanderers wore white shirts with red spots. The following year, they changed to red, blue and white stripes.

When Preston North End was created in 1863, they were playing with narrow blue stripes and long white pants. They didn’t switch to white shirts until 1888. On the other hand, Blackburn Rovers, created in 1875, wore blue and white shirts from the start.

In the 1890s, soccer jerseys were installed in a few standardized alternatives. This included folds, stripes, hoops and halves. The shirts were normally flannel with laced collars. Aston Villa was quite unique in preferring round neck woolen jerseys.

Clubs have also started to abandon the idea of wearing flannel pants. Instead, they wore twill, swan down, or lambskin panties.

Charlie Roberts of Manchester United turned the Football Association upside down by launching the fashion for wearing very short pants. In 1904, the FA took action by adopting regulations stipulating that football pants cover the knees. Roberts and some other players ignored this rule and the caps were eventually called shorts. However, many players, including the great Alex James, continued to wear long baggy shorts.

At first, clubs did not have to wear the same colored socks. It was not until 1937 that the Football League asked clubs to register the color and design of their socks.

In the 19th century, goalkeepers wore the same colors as their teammates. A new regulation was introduced in 1909 which stipulated that goalkeepers were limited to scarlet, blue or white jerseys. In 1912, the Football Association also authorized the wearing of green jerseys. These eventually became the norm. In 1921, the FA decided that yellow jerseys should be worn in international games.

Numbered jerseys first appeared in English football games in 1928. However, it was only from the 1938/39 season that all football league clubs had to wear numbers.

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